Swat Overlaps

Collective Statement

COLLECTIVE STATEMENT read to the Swarthmore Board of Managers in the meeting on May 4, 2013:

over and over again, we’ve been asked to wait
wait to feel safe in our own dorm rooms and classrooms
wait for administrators to learn respect for survivors
wait for a curriculum that reflects our diversity,
that tells marginalized histories
wait for the college to take action for env…ironmental justice
to stand in solidarity with frontline communities.
wait for a real living wage,
and for childcare for the workers that make our education possible.

over and over again, we’ve been told that Swarthmore’s advantages excuse its faults
told that a liberal institution is all we can expect
and a radical, emancipatory institution is impossible
so why bother?

we bother because it matters
because our safety and that of others depends on it
because our privileges were won by past students who spoke up against injustice
who made trouble.
we benefit from their struggles as future students will benefit from ours.

we have been asked to wait again and again.
we’re done waiting
business as usual cannot continue
not while inequality and marginalization exist on our campus and in the world

Today we speak as individuals,
converging because of our concern for the integrity of this institution.
we are here together because we see that our struggles are interconnected.

This is not an easy conversation,
but it is one that must happen.
This is not about our politics.
and cannot be solved with a single policy-change.

This is about something much deeper
about the process of change-making in itself.
Together we seek institutional transformation
towards accountable, transparent, safe, and accessible decision-making.

all students, we call you you to join us
faculty, we call on you to join us
alumni, we call on you to join us
yes, administrators and managers, we call on you to join us too
but hurry—
we are done waiting.

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